Shrink Wrapped Incense


Available in 3 scents! 

Green Tara

    • Green Tara incense said to be prepared according to the religious Tibetan texts. Its composition consists of only Green Herbal and medicinal plants.  As it is prepared by using only fresh and green medicinal plants and Herbs it gives a very different type of fragrance and the peacefulness..
    • Burning this incense gives you peacefulness and kind of satisfaction along with a very advantageous aroma.
    • About 30 Sticks
    • 8" long



  • This Incense is said to be prepared according to knowledge and procedures stated in Himalayan Herbal texts. The speciality of this incense is it is composed of very special natural and medicinal herbs and plants.
  • About 30 sticks
  • 8" long

Amber & Musk

  • This incense is combination of special sandle wood and Himalayan Herbs according to the ancient traditional orders of Tibet
  • About 40 sticks
  • 8" long