Whether preparing for a new beginning, or bringing an experience to thoughtful closure, our Refreshed Spirit box is the gift of balance and a hopeful heart.  Refreshed Spirit ’s purifying sage, calming organic herbs, and hand bound journal inspire the receiver to take time for the self and enjoy the renewing journey of cleansing and centering to welcome life’s next great blessings.  Filled with conscious finds and rich scents & flavors, our Refreshed Spirit box says thank you, welcome, or congratulations to those approaching a new milestone.

Each Refreshed Spirit includes:

Abalone Shell. This gift of nature is celebrated for its soothing vibration used to calm and center emotions during times of great healing.  Also believed to help focus intuition and support self-growth, each shell was gathered on the beaches of France's Brittany coast and individually chosen for Y/G for its superior depth, luster and warmth.

Live Light Organics Zen Herbal Tea. Blissful, sweet & sophisticated, indulge in the healing properties of lavender buds, red rose petals, cinnamon, chamomile flowers and lemon balm.  All organic ingredients.  Curated with love in Georgia.

Hand wrapped White Sage. Purify and center oneself to prepare for the next great moments life holds.  This sacred herb has been used for centuries in Native American cleansing and healing rituals and is grown and hand bound in California. 

Verdant Kitchen Ginger Infused Honey.  Enjoy floral notes of Georgia wildflower honey paired with the citrus aroma and depth of white and yellow ginger.  This nourishing addition to one’s day is a lovely reason to sit, breathe, and be present in the moment.  Based in Savannah Georgia, Verdant Kitchen infuses local honey with their own hand-picked organic ginger to create this spicy, warming liquid gold.

Verdant Kitchen Ginger Bites.  These warm, sweet nibbles of crystallized ginger are an updated twist on a medicinal root that has been used for countless centuries to rebalance the humors.  One of the few ginger growers in the continental US, Verdant Kitchen is an integral part of our Georgia Organic farming community, continuously experimenting to hone their craft and educate the public around the virtues of all-natural farming.

Young Gentry Zaftig Votive.  Our soy-wax candle fills the space with the warm, calming notes of blackcurrant, amber, vanilla and lilac.  Hand poured in small batches out of a suburban Philadelphia studio exclusively for Y/G, each candle is numbered and signed personally by the artisan who finished the piece.  Burn Time: 65 hours

Young Gentry Luxe Matches. Our oversized 4” matches are the perfect pairing for our Zaftig Votive.  Even the paper for our custom matchboxes is made in-studio to ensure perfection.

Petite Hand-bound Journal by Autumn. Capture cherished moments or infuse the pages with thoughts, goals and scribbles of gratitude.  Hand stitched in California, creator Autumn believes in the power of the written word and hopes that her journals contribute to a little more joy and compassion in the world.

Signature Young Gentry Studio Keepsake Wood Box. Handmade in our Georgia studio by Scarlett & Mags. Made of sustainably sourced white birch and just right for storing your most precious memories and personal mementos.

Optional handwritten note or sentiment.

Box Size:
approx. 10" x 7" x 4.5" H