Gemstone Beaded Mala Stack Bracelet

Hematite, crystal quartz, and chevron amethyst mala bracelet set for focus, calm, and balance.

Hematite is said to help us clear our minds of unnecesary thoughts, and bring a sense of calm and focus. Hematite calms nervous or anxious energy, and wards off negativity. This stone brings balance into our lives, helping to keep our actions, thoughts, and emotions in line with our spirit's higher calling. A great stone to bring peace and balance into relationships. Deposits of hematite have been found on Mars! Ayurvedically, this is a great stone for an aggravated vata dosha. Balances the base chakra.

Crystal quartz is a universal stone. It is an energy amplifier; good for every person and every ailment. It stimulates brain functions and activates all levels of consciousness. Excellent for concentration, memory, and meditation. This stone adapts to the energetic needs of the user, and acts as a deep soul cleanser. Clear quartz helps to amplify the effects other stones, and aligns all the chakras.

Chevron amethyst is one of the best stones for stimulating the third eye. It helps to balance emotions, hormones, and digestion. It is a calming, balancing, protective, and spiritual stone. Helps dream recall, repels negativity, and helps one to find and implement a positive answer to any problem. Balances the third eye and crown chakras.

This sparkly mala bracelet stack is made with two 21 bead prayer bracelets with sari silk tassels, and one decorative beaded bracelet.

**Each bracelet is about 7" around; a typical women's bracelet size.