Gold Selfie Snappin' Stylus

Yes! The Selfie Snappin' Stylus camera remote is for use with all mobile phones—iPhones, Samsung and other Android smartphones, and more. There's no software to download–just sync with Bluetooth, and start snappin'!
  • Ok. Imagine, if you will, a future world where you can post a profile picture that looks like... Someone. Else. Took. It. From up to 30 feet away, with either an iOS or an Android device. And without a big stick you have to carry around with you all the time. But, wait. Don’t stop there. Imagine you also can use said technology as a writing instrument for your touchscreen device. Instead of your grubby finger. Stop imaging. That future world is now, baby.
  • Charged by the provided USB cable, you don’t even have to worry about buying those tiny round replacement batteries you can only buy at that one store you can never find.
  • Includes a handy dandy ring to attach to your purse or key ring for safekeeping. Because a person needs to have selfie remote access at all times.
  • Tech specs: Bluetooth 3.0; Modulation system GFSK; Operating Voltage 3.0–4.2V; Working Current <2.0mA; Standby Current <500µA; Sleeping Current <10µA; Charging Voltage 5V; Charging Time 1–2 hours; Operating distance up to 30 unobstructed feet.