Peach Moonstone Mala Bracelet

21 bead women's peach moonstone japa wrist mala with a sari silk tassel.

MOONSTONE is said to be a crystal for new beginnings. It is said to help us cultivate inner strength and growth, soothe emotional instability, and open intuition. This stone helps us to welcome success and good fortune in love and business. Rainbow moonstone balances feminine energy and assists with conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and breast feeding. Activates the third eye and solar plexus chakras.

This mala bracelet is strung with 21 8mm lightly faceted peach moonstone prayer beads. This is a stretchy bracelet strung on strong elastic, so it will slip on and off the wrist without a clasp.

This bracelet is about 7" around, so it will fit up to a 6.25" wrist comfortably.