Smudge Bundle

Sage, Yerba Santa, and Palo Santo Smudging kit. This set includes one of each:

-Yerba santa bundle
-1 oz palo santo stick bundle
-California white sage bundle

To burn your Palo Santo, Yerba Santa, and Sage: 

It's always a good idea to burn your smudge sticks (Especially sage as it gives off a good amount of smoke when ignited) in a well ventilated area (aka windows/doors open). This also gives the energy you're ridding yourself of an exit route. Light one end of your herb bundle or single palo santo stick, and gently fan out the flame. Let your smudge burn in an abalone shell or another fire safe container as you smudge your home, workplace, your gemstones, or your body. Snuff out your sage in your fire safe container or let it extinguish itself. These smudge bundles can be reused over and over again.